Friday, July 11, 2014

#165: First Baptist Church

A little less than two weeks before I got this shot at its new home, I was able to get the cake at our first 'Cakers Picnic':

There are many First Baptist Churchs around St. Louis, including Creve Ceour and Affton, but this was the location that had the cake. It is located at the corner of Bell and Cardinal Avenues, in midtown St. Louis.

Here are some tidbits about this First Baptist Church:
  • Slogan: 'Planted by God -  Built to Last'
  • It was founded as the first African-American Baptist church in 1817, where a majority of the congregation were slaves.
  • In addition, it was founded as the first Protestant church organized for African-Americans.
  • The church was first organized by two Baptist missionaries: John Mason Peck and John Berry Meachum.
  • First Baptist Church has been through four locations, as it was placed in its current location in 1917. It burned down in 1940 but was eventually reconstructed.
Some may question where the cake was originally supposed to be placed at. Either way, it's a great celebration cake for St. Louis, complete with fireworks!
Right side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Official website

3100 Bell Avenue, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63106
Cake artist: Jennifer Weigel

The cake was removed sometime in early 2015, and its whereabouts are unknown. 

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