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I have tried to make this very user-friendly for those who have visited this website. The cakes are numbered in the order I have visited them.

What is featured:
The cake - With the stl250 logo in front, and my Ozzie Smith figurine on top. I chose to have this as my prop for all of them, when usable!

Commentary and/or a list of quick facts - I love information and I love sharing it. So on some of the cakes, you'll find some amazing, sometimes obscure one-liners. And on some of them, I've provided commentary, such as memories of that place and my cake-hunting adventures.

Pictures of the place and/or its surroundings - There must be some reason why that place got picked to have a cake, so I gotta use my eyes...

Pictures of the cake sides - I have taken pictures of all sides of the cake (when I could). Most of them are featured on this blog. You'll also find the top part of the cake in some of them!

Video(s) - I would also include a video on occasion relating to the place. I find KETC Channel 9's documentary program, Living St. Louis, very informational on the city of St. Louis. On episodes based on the place, I have included a YouTube link.

Facebook links - Most places do have a page on Facebook. When I mean 'page' I don't mean profile. You can check out how many 'likes' and how many of your FB friends like the place, or have even been there!

Wikipedia links - Despite of the several knocks Wikipedia has taken over the years, I have always considered it 'the ultimate information tome'. Of course, always check for sources if you come across any strange facts.

Official website - Most of the places have an official website. There you will learn everything they want you to know. Usually it has a .com (a commercialized website), .org (a non-commercialized organization), .edu (educational institution) and .gov (government website). Some of the city parks and museums are under St. Louis' city website, which are noted.

Address, city and zip code - Yes, I have included the location of the place, where the cake is at.

Cake artist(s) - And, lastly, who decorated the cake.

What is being tagged:

It's pretty simple; I divided all of the places into categories and subcategories. Museums, hospitals, airports, yada. You can easily separate the Missouri and Illinois ones just by clicking on the 'tag'. The ones marked 'St. Louis' are the ones not just within city limits, but those with the address of St. Louis. In the case of 'indoor cakes', those were ones that were placed indoors when I visited that place. For instance, Alton City Hall was inside the place at the time; now it is located outside.

Some of the categories I had a hard time breaking down, like 'eateries'. I didn't want to use the term restaurants, as I don't consider Ted Drewes and Sweetology restaurants. I consider them more, like, sweet shops. Places that serve only food and drink I simply labeled them as 'eateries' which would sound better, in my opinion. I didn't include certain places like corporations that have small restaurants inside. Example: Anheuser-Busch has the outdoor patio restaurant, but since it is mostly known as a historic brewery, I didn't consider it.

Artists, groups and organizations who have painted three or more cakes are tagged as well, which is why you'll see names on the 'tags' list.

My advice is to have fun sorting out the posts by clicking on those tags.

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