Notable places that didn't get a cake

This page is divided into two parts.

The first part consists of what was originally on 'the list' of cake locations. A big thanks to Susie Irons for providing this list. For various reasons, they either rejected a cake or something else happened along the way.

1. Audubon Center
2. Busch Wildlife
3. Beyreis-Godt House
4. Bond County Courthouse (I think this is now the Greenville Library)
5. Brooklyn City Hall
6. Charbonier Bluff (St. Stanislaus Conservation Area)
7. Cortex
8. Cupples Station
9. Elijah P Lovejoy Monument (Alton)
10. Fast Eddies
11. Fee Fee Baptist Church
12. Franklin House (Alton)
13. Governor Daniel Dunklin’s Grave (Herculaneum)
14. Interfaith Partnership of Greater St.Louis (Webster)
15. Jefferson County Courthouse (Hillsboro)
16. Lincoln Shields Rec Area (14600 US 67 West Alton, MO) – West Alton Memorial Park now?
17. Macoupin County Courthouse (Southwestern High School in Piasa now)
18. Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site
19. St. Clair County Courthouse (Belleville)
20. World Wide Technology (Maryland Heights)

And now, the second part, in which I consider to be the cake-hunters' favorite StL locations that were underlooked and deserved a cake:

In July 2014, I asked members of the Facebook group 'STL250 Cakeway to the West (unofficial)' what they believed were places that were underlooked and deserved a cake. About 75+ people definitely spouted out some places, and likes. One thing's for sure: I've learned St. Louisans love their pretzels, and their fried chicken! (laughs) The number in parentheses represents the number of people posting that place and the likes that accompanied it. It took me nearly 2 hours to tally up these votes! But it was well worth checking out places that are still considered important to St. Louis, even if they didn't get a cake....

Gus' Pretzels (30 votes)
   -this was, of course, the most popular vote-getter. It proves St. Louisans love their bread and pretzels.
Merbs Candies (23)
   -On the Feasting Fox cake, Mark Swain painted this candy store on there because it helped represent south St. Louis.
Boeing (formerly McDonnell Douglas) (21)
Ste. Genevieve (18)
   -No particular place, but there were several group members who believed Ste. Genevieve, because of its rich heritage, deserved a cake somewhere in that town.
Girl Scouts Council of Eastern Missouri (16)
Pappy's Smokehouse (16)
Stray Rescue of St. Louis (15)
Woofie's Hot Dogs (14)
Fast Eddie's Bon Air (13)
   -Fast Eddies was one of the few places famous for rejecting a cake. Theirs went to Gateway Harley Davidson.
St. Alphonsus 'The Rock' Church (13)
Pappy's Smokehouse (12)
Hodaks (11)
Suson Park (10)
Bigfoot 4X4 (9)
Dad's Cookies (9)
Lion's Choice (any location) (9)

Boy Scouts/Beaumont (8)
Casa Loma Ballroom (8)
Goody Goody (8)
Verizon Wireless Ampitheater (8)
Lebanon, IL/or McKendree University (7)
Schnucks (7)
Monsanto (6)
St. Alphonsus (6)

5 votes:
Alex Waldbart Florist
Becky Thatcher boat
Bee Tree Park
Circus Flora
Donut Drive In
Federal Reserve Bank (St. Louis branch)
Humane Society Headquarters on Macklind
Mom's Deli
Panera Bread/St. Louis Bread Company
also one for random high schools such as Ritenour and Kirkwood
St. Nicholas Greek Church

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  1. A place where thousands of folks arrive and depart is the Gateway Transportation Center. It should have gotten a cake!