Friday, July 4, 2014

#154: Skyview Drive In

After reaching a milestone 150 cakes, I took a week off. On Thursday, July 3rd, I was back in action. I was going to Fair St. Louis that night, but I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by getting some faraway cakes. So I decided to get more Illinois ones. There was 3 Belleville ones that I missed from May, plus the Catsup Bottle in Collinsville.

Several of my friends have been to this iconic place in Belleville, but yours truly, on the other hand, has not! The Skyview Drive-In is the only remaining drive-in movie theater in the St. Louis area. (This does not count the one in Litchfield, IL)  It usually shows double features on select summer nights, and they are first-run movies. From what I hear, people just get in line (by car), park, get their grub on (or drink on), and when the sun has officially set....the show starts. You hear the movie through a radio station that is only accessed in your car. 

The Skyview Drive-In is open from April to October (obviously when warm weather occurs), and it is considered a great family outing. With their double-features they try to put the same genre together. The drive-in opened in 1949, and a second screen was added in 1982. In the 65 years it has been in operation, it has suffered a couple times with hazardous weather damage (tornado and wind storm).

The cake, decorated by Ray Harvey, seems to focus into 1950's pop culture, and rightfully so. In this case, we're talking about classic cars. I'm no car enthusiast (hey, a car is a car...), but nostalgia lovers will definitely get a kick out of the designs on this. I'm wondering if the top is supposed to resemble a Nascar checkered flag. Who knows.

And yes, I do plan to go here sometime in the future....

Right side of the screen

Back side of the cake

Left side of the cake

Behind one of the screens

Skyview Drive In on FB
Official website

5700 North Belt West, BELLEVILLE, IL, 62223
Cake artist: Ray Harvey

The cake is now on private property. 

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