Friday, July 11, 2014

#166: Left Bank Books

So why this bookstore, of all of them? Or why this place in Central West End, of all of them? Needless to say, this is a place where I have to question where the historical part connects to St. Louis in any way. Not to be putting this place down in any way, but I do believe (on a negative note) there are other places that probably deserved a cake better than this place.

Don't get the wrong idea: I support independently-owned businesses and I really dig bookstores. Put the two together and you'll get something that is on life support. Let's look from one perspective: mom-and-pop bookstores have been doomed for the last two decades, at least, thanks to both big-box stores (Barnes & Noble, Borders) and the World Wide Web (Amazon). Borders, at one time the king of them, went bankrupt two years ago. Now, its the big-box stores that are suffering. Technology plays a big part of it, too, thanks to e-books. Also, more people are turning back to their local public and school libraries.

Left Bank Books has two locations: the one on Central West End (where the cake is at) and in the downtown area. They specialize in several books, some hard-to-find, as well as a large selection of publications. Authors, national and local, often make appearances and lecture, then sign autographs or pose for photos. LBB also partners with several area nonprofits to encourage children to read.

399 N. Euclid Ave., ST. LOUIS, MO, 63108
Cake artist: Peat Wollaeger

UPDATE (8/24/2016): The cake is still there.

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