Friday, July 11, 2014

#169: Turtle Park

In all honesty, I have not heard of this place until now. It is located just right across the zoo, but you have to hop over Hwy. 40/64 to get there. But it's still a great fun place to take your children. It's got several unique large sculptures of well....turtles! Even though its in a weird place (on the other side of the interstate), it is still considered part of Forest Park.

The turtles were made by the late Bob Cassilly, the same guy behind the City Museum. At least four different species of turtles are represented here. Besides the turtles, there are also snakes and eggs (designed to be sitting areas for adults)! Also, there is a typical playground for kids included. 
The sign

A child standing at the top (on the turtle's head). Maybe he's about to do his Ralph Maachio/Karate Kid pose?

Turtle Park on FB

6400 Oakland, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63139
Cake artist: Liza Fishbone

The cake sold on 1/1/2015 for $705 in the biddingforgood auction.

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