Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#197: Ashley Street Power House/Riverfront Trail

Facts about the Ashley Street Power House:
  • It was constructed in 1902 by architect/engineer Charles Ledlic. 
  • It was the first large electrical power plant to be erected by Union Electric (later became Ameren). 
  • The building was intentionally placed near the Mississippi River.
  • Designated as a City Landmark in 1971.
  • Even though still in use, the building is currently not open to the public as of this writing.

Right side of the Ashley Street Power House building

Hey wait, that's my shadow! Dang it
Next to the building is the southern starting point for the Riverfront Trail. The trail is 11.8 miles long and it ends at the point of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. Considered as an 'urban trail', there are many buildings it passes, plus wildlife is seen. The Riverfront Trail parallels the Mississippi River. One of the major stops on the trail is the Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing.

Left side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake
Unfortunately at this time there is no official website for either the Riverfront Trail and the Ashley Street Power House.

Located at the corner of Biddle and Leonor K. Sullivan streets
Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins

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