Thursday, July 24, 2014

#187: The College School


Since I last posted #186 a few days ago, the last 3 cakes were put out. In other words, all 250 of the cakes have been placed! There have been many people who have been cake-hunting longer than me. Going back to January when some of the cakes were first placed, the hunt was on for those who knew about it. Remember, this was during cold weather and snow was probably still on the ground! I can't imagine ever going cake-hunting in that kind of weather. In fact, I don't even want to think about the cold (especially that gruesome winter we just had) since its still July! There are a few people who have reached the #250 goal, and congratulations to them!

Sorry for repeatedly criticizing names, but The College School? Hmmm. Didn't take them THAT long to think of that one. In my short Webster Groves cake run, this one was my first stop as it was on the right side of the road, heading down Big Bend. Founded in 1963, this educational institution seems to take pride in separating itself from public schools. You'll learn more about the school at the bottom....
College School buses

Front of The College School building
And now, the sides of the cake:
Right side of the cake

Back and left side of the cake

And a sign:
What does the sign say?

"We are an independent preschool-8th grade school that engages children in joyful, meaningful and creative learning through an adventurous, theme-based experimental curriculum.

The College School is part of a larger community of educators dedicated to creating new and vital visions of learning and teaching. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, we travel on our buses to numerous "classrooms" across the region that include the many parks of St. Louis, the businesses on The Hill or The Loop, and the cultural institutions of Forest Park.

Our hands-on, project-based philosophy prepares students to be lifelong learners and "citizens of today," who make real impacts on our school, our communities, and our great city of St. Louis."

And there you have it.

The College School on FB
Official website

7825 Big Bend Blvd., WEBSTER GROVES, MO, 63119
Cake artist: Mary Jo Wilmes

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