Friday, July 4, 2014

#155: Taille de Noyer

I used to work for the City of Florissant as an intern for their television station back in 2007. I didn't know or have heard of a house called 'Taille de Noyer'. So, I went over to the house, which was closed, since it was on a holiday. Again, I turned to Google for information. There's a lot of hidden history about this less-talked about place. It's hard to imagine the area that is currently surrounding this house was once considered rural, especially when you glance over at St. Louis' largest Nascar track, or I-270. The house was (and still is) to serve as a reminder of country life in Florissant.

  • The house dates back to the 1790s. 
  • The house was actually moved from 200 yards away in the early 1960s, as it now sits on the property of McCluer High School.
  • Noted by paranormal enthusiasts as being one of the most haunted places in the St. Louis area. 
  • One of the first owners of the house was St. Louis's first millionaire, John Mullanphy, whose heirs occupied the house for 160 years.
  • It has been referred to as 'Walnut Grove' by some of Mullanphy's children, due to all of the oak and walnut trees that once surrounded it. 
  • Mullanphy, by the way, contributed a lot to St. Louis, including the first hospital of the West.

Left side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake
Taille de Noyer on Florissant's city website

1896 S. Florissant Rd., FLORISSANT, MO, 63031
Cake artist: Courtney Veszi

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