Saturday, August 16, 2014

#203: Mount Pleasant Estates country! I kid you not. Once you travel the country highway MO-94, you'll see plenty of wineries as well as the fields that come with them. Still, its a nice drive, especially on the narrow roads and driving through the towns. I had never been to Augusta before, nor have I heard of it until this year, but this town does show plenty of old-school pride. Since I've driven a lot that day already, I had to get gas somewhere. I forgot from Washington to St. Charles, a gas station would be rare. Here I am, spoiled from back home, where there's a gas station every 5 miles. Turns out there was an 'old-school' but refurbished small gas station (with old-school pumps that take credit cards!) in Augusta. Then it was off to Mount Pleasant Estates. I took plenty of pictures as well as walked around when I was there.

  • There is also a second location, which was put in Branson in 2008.
  • Mount Pleasant is the third-largest winery in Missouri.
  • The village of Augusta was originally called Mount Pleasant, but for unknown reasons, was changed to Augusta.
  • The winery was founded in 1859 by immigrant Georg Muench. 
  • It had to be closed (but only temporary) for Prohibition starting in 1920.
  • It has a land spanning of 85 acres of vines, as well as 16 different kinds of grapes in production.
Another great thing about Mount Pleasant Winery: the views!

An awesome view

You can also take a cell-phone tour of Mount Pleasant. All you have to do, when you're there, is call 314-885-1098, stop #16.

This is the second cake in a row that I saw focus on wines:
Left side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Mount Pleasant Estates/Winery on FB
Wikipedia link
Official website

5634 High Street, AUGUSTA, MO, 63332
Cake artist: Christy Martin

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