Monday, August 25, 2014

#216: Our Lady of the Rivers

This was my second attempt to get the cake. During the first week of July, I took a drive along the Missouri river road on Hwy. 94 from West Alton to Portage des Sioux, ready to get the cake and see the location. As I got there, I didn't see the cake so I kept looking...and looking. I accessed the stl250 site through my phone and I saw that they listed this cake location as 'Temporarily Unavailable due to high water'. Of course, I was bummed. It was my understanding that it was a vulnerable place because it is prone to flood waters and its closeness to the Mississippi River. But I did get to take some shots of the statue and the walkway.

I returned later that month, when the cake was placed back. (I don't know where it was during its hiatus, possibly in a nearby government building).

The cake, which has quite a pet theme to it, from what I understand artist Lindsay Harmon likes:  (This was also one of two cakes that I recall seeing 'tied down' to something. The other one was later Manchester City Hall)
Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Left side of the cake

Located at the end of LeSeurre Street, PORTAGE DES SIOUX, MO, 63373
Cake artist: Lindsay Harmon

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