Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#226: Purina Farms

For animal/pet lovers only, this is obviously part of the Ralston Purina Company, which is headquartered near downtown St. Louis. Ralston Purina, owned by Nestle, owns several brands of pet food and animal-related products.

The pool for dogs at Purina Farms

Shameless plug for Purina products

  • Dog shows are held here every day, including dog diving competitions.
  • Pet grooming and obedience training is available here.
  • There are also some pets that are in cages that are available for petting.
  • Wagon and hayloft rides are enjoyed during the Spring and Fall.
  • You can also learn how to milk a cow through a demonstration!
The cake, which has definitely a lot of color and dog art to it!:
Top of the cake

Right side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Left side of the cake

Purina Farms on FB
Wikipedia link for Purina Petcare
Official website

200 Checkerboard Drive, GRAY SUMMIT, MO, 63039
Cake artist: Purina Farms

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