Saturday, August 30, 2014

#246: Sappington House Museum

The Thomas Sappington House was one of my last few final stops to 250. I ended up parking here in the early afternoon so I can easily access the Grants Trail to Grants Farm. It was, like, 95 degrees hot outside! But after all the exploring, it was worth dodging the $12 parking fee at the farm. It was about a mile and a half using the trail from the Sappington House to Grants Farm. Unfortunately, I didn't go in the restaurant, gift shop or take the tour. I hope to come back sometime down the road.

Who is Thomas Sappington, you ask? Here are the factoids:
  • The Sappington Family were early settlers of St. Louis County, during the final days of Lewis & Clark's expedition.
  • Thomas was a Revolutionary War veteran who served as George Washington's bodyguard at Valley Forge
  • The house was built in 1808 after Thomas' marriage to Mary Ann Kinkhead.
  • The Sappington Barn was built in later years, and is a model of a barn that once existed on the property in the 19th century.
  • The house was restored and by 1966, it was open for tourists. Still is to this day, as a reminder of what life was like during the 19th century in Crestwood and St. Louis.

Front of the Sappington House (from the road)

The cake, designed by the students of the Ursuline Academy of St. Louis (an all-girls private high school that is located in nearby suburb Oakland and is, fittingly enough, on Sappington Road):
Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Left side of the cake

Top of the cake, which reads Ursuline Academy's initials and a message: 'Go light your world'
NOW: As of 6/4/2015, the cake is still sitting there.

Official website

1015 S. Sappington Road, CRESTWOOD, MO, 63126
Cake artists: Ursuline Academy Students

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