Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#224: Franklin County Courthouse

I'm not sure what to put here since it's pretty much self-explanatory...but I'll start by saying - Franklin County was named after one of the country's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. There is a unique statue of Franklin outside the courthouse (see below). The county was established in 1818. The county itself is one of the largest in the St. Louis area, let alone Missouri.

As for the city of Union, it was established in 1825 and the court was met for the first time two years after. Franklin County has had four courthouses. The current one was built in 1923, as it replaced a log-cabin type of building that was built in 1849. In 1969, the courthouse was robbed as the criminals bombed parts of the place; it was renovated the following year.
Union, MO's welcome sign

Front of the courthouse

Here's lookin' at you kid

You can come sit with me if you want, I don't mind

The cake

Franklin County, MO Official website

15 S. Church, UNION, MO, 63084
Cake artist: Paul LeFlam

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