Saturday, August 30, 2014

#250: St. Louis County Courthouse

WOO-HOO! (in Homer Simpson mode) Cake #250!!! It still hasn't sunk in yet that I have now visited the first 250 cake locations. Unbelievable. I can't believe it. I've traveled far and away and close-together places, and here I am. But of course - this doesn't necessarily mean that I am done. At the moment there are 251 cakes, plus 2 that still need to be put out. The one that I missed, which likely will be #251, is Six Flags. I'll explain more about that in my future post.

So why did I choose the St. Louis County Courthouse as my grand milestone cake? Not very many reasons, but if you recall, this was one of my 'skipped' cakes. But not intentional. The other four cakes in Clayton were in my first ten. At the time all I had was the list on me and no app or map. I was mostly going by the city the cake was in, which is how I got those Clayton cakes. A few days later, when discovering the map...I noticed I pretty much walked by the cake location without noticing! So, needless to say, I was a bit bummed. Since May I have not any urge to go back to the hustle-and-bustle of Clayton. Well...until now. I'm still wondering why this has a St. Louis address when this is located in downtown Clayton. are the facts about St. Louis County and its courthouse, as well as its adjacent Police Department.
  • St. Louis County is the largest populated county in Missouri - just 2,000 short of 1 million!
  • County seat is Clayton
  • The county does NOT include the city of St. Louis, which is independent
  • The St. Louis County Circuit Court was established in 1815.
  • The city of St. Louis separated itself from the county in 1877.
  • The St. Louis County Police Department (which is also by the cake) was created in 1955.
  • And, for the record, the city of Clayton is named after Ralph Clayton, who donated land for this courthouse.
Another thing that might interest you - and surprise as well, the largest populated suburban cities in St. Louis County:
  1. Florissant
  2. Chesterfield
  3. Wildwood
  4. University City
  5. Ballwin

Remember, if I were to include the entire 'caking' region, most of those cities would be knocked off the list and be replaced with O'Fallon (MO), St. Charles and Belleville.

Did you know...there is a St. Louis County in Minnesota?
The courthouse building

A dedication to Buzz Westfall
And....the cake, which is located in (kind of) a hidden area. It's got an American and St. Louis flag theme. Very fitting, I'll say. This happens to be one of Rich Brooks' many cakes. He was very thrilled that one of his was my 250th.
Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Left side of the cake

Official website

7900 Carondelet Avenue, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63105  (it is actually located in downtown Clayton)
Cake artist: Rich Brooks

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