Monday, August 25, 2014

#219: Kemp Auto Museum

There's a lot of people who are extreme car enthusiasts - but unfortunately, I myself, am not one. To me, a car is a car! But I know everyone will disagree with me. I don't care if its a 1998 Ford Ranger or a 1957 Chevy.

  • At least 40 of the cars were from the late Fred Kemp, Sr.'s auto collection (they were all donated to the museum in 2004 after his passing).
  • Home of the rarest cars in the world, including the Mercedes Benz!
  • The oldest car in the museum dates back to 1886 (the car built by Karl Benz).
  • Most of the cars on display are hand-crafted luxury vehicles, but they tell the story about how they revolutionized transportation.
  • Special events are also held here, including retirement/corporate parties....even weddings!
Parking lot with banners

The Kemp Auto Museum facing Sachs Plaza

The cake, which fittingly, is the silverest!:
Left side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Top of the cake

UPDATE (6/4/2015): The Kemp Auto Museum announced its closing early in 2015, and the last day will be on June 7, 2015 after ten years. The cake is still there and the organization plans on keeping it.

Kemp Auto Museum on FB
Official website

16955 Chesterfield Airport Road, CHESTERFIELD, MO, 63005
Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins

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