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#227: Head's General Store/St. Albans

I have never heard of St. Albans until this year. After visiting the community I figured this looked like a rich person's getaway place. When going into the village, there are unique-looking homes and buildings and a golf course, so it gave me that impression. Maybe so. However, St. Albans is not an incorporated community.

The Lewis and Clark expedition made a stop close to present day St. Albans in 1804. It is said that General Lewis nearly slipped and fell down a cliff, but was quick to react and saved himself. St. Albans was first settled in 1834 (back when it was first called 'Tavern Creek' because it was near Tavern Rock Cave). Germans decided to make a home here due to its closeness to the Missouri River. It was finally named St. Albans in 1837. The general store was built in 1893 for the people of the village to get their goods. It still stands today, and it was nearly destroyed by flood waters, notably the Great Flood of '93. The river was at one time across from the store, but it was moved and redug by workers. A lake sits there now.

Head's General Store was originally known as 'the St. Albans General Store', but was renamed after a longtime owner, Mae Pfeiffer Head, whose family bought it in 1915. She passed away in 2004. There are many other historical places in St. Albans, such as the Post Office next door to the store, and the Studio Inn, which was built by Theodore Link (who designed Union Station).
Head's General Store

A nice, closer look at the entrance with the cake in front

Shameless Budweiser plug

This cake seems to focus a lot about coffee. So it looks like this one is already a favorite for coffee-lovers! Unfortunately I don't drink coffee since its bad on my stomach.
Top of the cake. Cute, huh?

Left side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Unfortunately there is no official website that exists for this location; however, you can access its National Register of Historic Places registration form here.

3516 St. Alban's Road, ST. ALBANS, MO, 63073
Cake artist: Don Christeson

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