Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#222: Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos

One of the most 'far out there' places lies outside the historic Route 66 community of Pacific, Missouri. I had to drive nearly 15 miles from I-44. But it was worth the drive to explore this unique outdoor gallery. If you're in for something breathtaking and a bit offbeat, this is for you.

When you look around the place, you can't help but notice several rock sculptures and grottos. And now here's the kicker: it was all put together by one man. That person was Brother Bronislaus, who was a single Franciscan monk from Poland. He did all this in more than 20 years. 100 years ago it was all forestry and woods. It was all torn down and by 1938 Bronislaus went to work and used the tiff rock to create his masterpieces.

I took several photos while I was there, but here are some:
The Shrine Chapel

The entrance sign

The cake,

UPDATE: The cake is reportedly still there as of 1/25/2016. It was reportedly removed for awhile in 2015, but brought back in public view.

Wikipedia link
Official website

100 Saint Joseph's Hill Road, PACIFIC, MO, 63069
Cake artist: Craig Downs  (he also decorated the Fort San Carlos/Ballpark Hilton cake)

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