Saturday, August 16, 2014

#204: Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center


The last time I was here, I was either 3 or 4 years old, when my dad took my family on a day-long road trip here and some other historical place (can't remember?!). I didn't have any memories of it, but nonetheless it was a thrill to come back here. I didn't, however, go in the house. I was on a time schedule at the time, but I did walk around a bit and bought stuff from the gift shop. There were men outside in front of the gift shop constructed a new pavilion. I'm not sure when it will open.

The gift shop, which provides access to the walkway to the real house
The four-story Georgian style home was built to overlook the Femme Osage valley. It was built by Daniel's son, Nathan. The house now sits as part of Boonefield Village.

The village of Defiance is an unincorporated community.

A glimpse of the actual home from behind the gift shop

About Daniel Boone:

  • Born in Reading, PA in 1734. 
  • Later settled in North Carolina and hunted for a living. 
  • Migrated westward to present-day Kentucky, where he helped organize the future state starting in 1767.
  • He finally moved his family to Missouri, or at the time, called Upper Louisiana, in 1799.
  • Died in the home on September 26, 1820.
Left side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Daniel Boone Home on FB (as Lindenwood University Daniel Boone Home)
Wikipedia link

1868 Highway F, DEFIANCE, MO, 63341
Cake artist: John Troy  (he also decorated the Lindenwood University cake)

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