Monday, August 25, 2014

#209: First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site

It is not well-known to some of the St. Louis-area people that St. Charles was the first capital of Missouri. Only from 1821 to 1826, but not many people know that it was actually a 'temporary capital'. Missouri lawmakers at the time wanted to make an area in the central part of the state, off the Missouri River, and name it after Thomas Jefferson. Today, the area is known as Jefferson City, which of course, is the capital of Missouri.

St. Charles has so much rich history to it. Some obscure information about the city is found all over, and it has been well-restored. Many cakes have been placed in St. Charles, as well as all over the county. You'll see them in my other posts. A very little known fact: Jean Baptiste Point du Sable lived here, and died here in 1818. Du Sable was the first resident of the city of Chicago, Illinois. Who knew he would end his life in Cardinal Nation?

St. Charles County:
St. Charles is the county seat of St. Charles County and is a big city. However, it is not the largest city as it has been surpassed by O'Fallon. Other cities include Lake Saint Louis, Wentzville and St. Peters. St. Charles County is bordered by 7 different counties, in both Illinois and Missouri. Most of the county's border is water, by the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. According to Wikipedia, it is the wealthiest and fastest-growing county in Missouri. Both the county and city are named for Italian cardinal Saint Charles Borromeo.

The building is to represent what life was like in the 1800s, as well as its architecture. First floor was used as a store, while the second floor was for the government.

The cake, as designed by Lindsay Harmon: (Sorry, I wasn't able to get the back of it, but I know that it talks about the first state capitol)
Left side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Top of the cake

Wikipedia link
Official website

200 S. Main St., ST. CHARLES, MO, 63301
Cake artist: Lindsay Harmon

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