Friday, June 27, 2014

#118: Missouri Civil War Museum

I'm a history junkie, but I wasn't really into the Civil War. I don't want to sound mean or anything but anything from the 20th century was always an interest of mine. Times were quite confusing during those times. Maybe its the way the public schools are set up, I don't know. I do enjoy reading about Abraham Lincoln and both sides of the war.

I didn't know until the day I went cake-hunting in Jefferson Barracks/south St. Louis that there was a Civil War Museum in St. Louis, let alone Missouri! I knew Kansas City had a special World War I Museum, as I was close to visiting it years back (but I regretfully didn't). It's no wonder I had not heard of it: it's been only opened for a year! That's right, since June of 2013. The building, on the other hand, is really old (date unknown at the moment) but has been heavily renovated for the museum.

This happens to be sitting in Jefferson Barracks, where it was once the Army's main base in the West. I'd say, great location. I did not go in; I believe they were closed that day. However, I hope to come back real soon; maybe this summer! I'd say the big challenge for those putting together a museum about war is making it un-biased in every way. According to the museum's website, it is their hope to pay homage to the historical figures of the Civil War era, and not push any political ideologies from either side.
Top of the cake (with Ozzie on top)

Left side of the cake

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake

Front of the museum

Missouri Civil War Museum on FB
Official website

222 Worth Rd., ST. LOUIS, MO, 63125
Cake artist: Stuart Schuchardt

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