Thursday, June 26, 2014

#75: Barretts Elementary School

Part of my short trip around West County involved this school which is way out in Manchester. And now, the question: of all dozens of elementary schools in the area, why this one? Just like why is Gateway Harley-Davidson the only Harley-Davidson store getting a cake. Look, I understand this was a public vote winner. Obviously, the community cares about their elementary education and the direction of their children's lives.

So why Barretts? Well, I was doing some research, and here's a quick history:

  • A log cabin (Breen School) once sat where Barretts is now. 
  • School was named for J.R. Barretts, who sold the land where the school is now to the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Barretts Station was a popular railroad station.
  • When the log cabin burned down, a new one-room brick schoolhouse was constructed in 1895 and since that time has progressed into a full learning place. Over the decades of the 30s, 50s, and the 1980s there have been additions and improvements to the school.
  • Like most schools, offers many clubs and programs outside of school.
  • Barretts has won several awards in recent years.
  • One of Parkway School District's 28 schools.

So basically, because of its recent accolades, and a tight community, this one had the cake written all over it. This is not to downgrade several other schools that take education seriously. My own hometown, Edwardsville, does just that. And if you go to the Monroe County Welcome Center area, you'll observe that too.
Frontal part of the school (this was during school hours one day)

A closer look at the sign

Wikipedia link
Barretts Elementary School on FB
Official website

1780 Carman Road, BALLWIN, MO, 63021
Cake artist: Barretts' students

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