Thursday, June 26, 2014

#87: Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

If I were to choose the cake with the best view, this would take the cake! Pun intended, by the way. When I shared this photo on Facebook a lot of people considered mine the best angle and correctly in the middle of the Gateway Arch. A lot of people, including myself, were not aware who Malcolm W. Martin was. Let me fill you in....

About Malcolm W. Martin:
  • Born in St. Louis in 1912.
  • Served in World War II.
  • After doing his duty in the war, he got involved in civil rights cases and with the city of St. Louis.
  • He was one of the founders of KETC Channel 9, and the Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis. 
  • Served on many notable boards in St. Louis as well as the country, including Council on Foreign Relations.
  • His mission was to expand the Jefferson Memorial Expansion Park to the 'east side', purchasing 30 acres of land (where the park is now).

The MWM Memorial Park:
  • Ground was broken on September 16, 2006, and opened in 2008
  • The platform is 40 feet high above ground.
  • Serves as a way of viewing the Mississippi River, the Gateway Geyser and the St. Louis skyline in the best kind of way.
  • The statue of Malcolm W. Martin himself, sits atop the platform as a way for him to gaze at the views, which he always dreamed of would happen. He died before the park (mostly the platform) was completed, in 2004 (age 91).
  • You can view a live video feed of the top of the ramp as well as the St. Louis skyline here from the park's official website!

The Gateway Geyser:
  • It is the tallest fountain in the Americas (at 630 ft)
  • It is the second tallest fountain in the world, after King Fahd's Fountain in Saudi Arabia (that one is 853 ft tall!).
  • From April 15 to October 15 of each year, the fountain is in operation (with weather as an exception at times)
  • Considered a counterpart to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which, if viewed in the right angle, can be seen cutting halfway between the Arch!
  • Goes off at scheduled times of the day, at noon, 3pm and 6pm
  • Three 800 horsepower pumps the fountain, with 8,000 gallons of water erupting a minute!
  • The fountain, inspired by Martin's likeness of a similar fountain in Geneva, Switzerland, was completed in 1995.

A view of the Gateway Geyser in East St. Louis

A closer view of the Gateway Geyser from the Casino Queen parking lot (7/4/2014). This was shortly after 5pm.

Official website
Gateway Geyser Wikipedia link
Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park on FB

185 W. Trendley Ave., EAST ST. LOUIS, IL, 62201
Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins

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