Monday, June 30, 2014

#150: Jewel Box

  • Also known as The St. Louis Floral Conservatory and The City of St. Louis Floral Display House 
  • The idea for such thing was originally conceived in 1913 as an experiment for plants, as a survival of the fittest!
  • Designed by architect William C.E. Becker
  • Built by the city of St. Louis in 1936
  • Special floral shows are hosted there usually during the holidays, as well as Mother's Day, Easter, spring, summer and fall. 
  • The Jewel Box has been a location for many weddings.
  • Renovated in 2002.

The reflecting pool at the entrance

A frontal view of the entrance

Jewel Box on FB
Wikipedia link
Official website from St. Louis site

5600 Clayton Ave., ST. LOUIS, MO, 63110
Cake artist: Andy Cross

The cake was sold on 1/1/2015 for $655 in the biddingforgood auction.

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