Monday, June 30, 2014

#145: Lemp Mansion

When I hear people talk about the Lemp Mansion, it is always about how the place is haunted. And it's probably true - at least to paranormal enthusiasts! This historical building has quite a lot of history to it. The Lemp family has always been a dynasty that historians seem to look into the most. The empire started when the first generation Lemp family migrated to St. Louis from Germany in 1838. They ran a grocery and in the process, they brewed a kettle of beer in the back. It would soon become a St. Louis empire, but it didn't last as it became a legendary St. Louis rise-and-fall story. Read on:

  • The house was completed in 1868 by German-American Jacob Feickert. 
  • The Lemp family moved into the place in 1876.
  • Lemp Beer was very popular in the late 19th century, which would soon be surpassed by Anheuser-Busch in later years.
  • Three suicides happened at the Lemp Mansion; the first being William Lemp, Sr. (who was the head of the brewing empire at the time) who was devastated by the death of his 4th son, Frederick, as well as his best friend, Frederick Pabst (a Milwaukee brewer).
  • The caves underneath the mansion and the Cherokee-Lemp district served as refrigeration facilities by a number of brewers, including the Lemps.
  • Three generations lived at the mansion, until 1949 when Charles Lemp committed suicide. From that time to 1975, the place served as a boarding house and an apartment building. 
  • Years after showing signs of deterioration, the Pointer family bought the Lemp Mansion and converted it into a bed-and-breakfast type place, as well as for other uses. It is still run by them today.
The Lemp Mansion
The Lemp Mansion sign as seen from Interstate 55

An episode of KETC Channel 9's Living St. Louis, which focuses on the history of Lemp Beer

Lemp Mansion on FB
Wikipedia link (also talks about members of the Lemp family)
Official website

3322 Deminil Place, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63118
Cake artist: Phil Jarvis  (he also decorated the Luvy Duvy's cake)

UPDATE (8/24/2016): The cake is still there.

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