Saturday, June 28, 2014

#140: Venice Cafe

Yes....this is the only cake that is missing a slice! And how fitting is it to be located at the Venice Cafe?! Here's a place that is not afraid of being different. Located within a walk of the A/B brewery in the Benton Park/Soulard neighborhood, is this bar that's been given any kind of name. Call it weird, surprising, fun, whatever...besides the decor that's sure to give any passersby/guests attention, its sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The place, at one time, served food. But as of November 2014, they no longer do. They've got Happy Hour specials though!
The doors eagerly await you.

I took plenty of pictures. Wish I can post them all on this page, but I don't want it to overload! But here's some more including the patio and front area...

I took a lot of interior shots too. Here's one of them....

Let's take a look at the cake. I later found out after getting this cake that it was one of the rules for the cake artists NOT to cut a slice out of it. The Screwed Artist Collective group did it anyway, and I'm curious as to see how they actually 'cut it out'. There are a few offbeat places in St. Louis that got a cake, but most agree - Venice Cafe deserved it. I'd like to know how the whole 'brain thing' happened and why. Here's some of the different angles:
The left and front corner of the cake

Back side of the cake, or should I say, the innocent and unsuspecting?

Left side of the cake
Top of the cake (to give it a Pac-Man look)

NOTE:  About 2-3 weeks after getting pictures of the place and the cake, the Venice Cafe closed temporarily after a burglary occurred (July 2014).

Venice Cafe on FB
Official website

1903 Pestalozzi Ave., ST. LOUIS, MO, 63118
Artist: Screwed Artist Collective

UPDATE (8/24/2016): The cake is still there. The inside part that was cut out has deteriorated in time, since it is believed people have stepped inside it. 

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