Thursday, June 26, 2014

#84: Eckert's

One of the most popular family attractions is one of the city of Belleville's most iconic places. Eckert's dates back to more than a century ago. Today it is run by 6th and 7th generation Eckert family members. As one would assume, Eckert's started out as a simple roadside fruit stand. Since its inception in 1910 it has evolved into a very successful retail, restaurant and of course, produce stand.

  • Eckert's is the largest family-run pick-your-own orchard in the United States.
  • It has branched out 3 more locations (Millstadt, St. Louis and Grafton)
  • Live local bands play here on weekends during the summer.
  • Recipes are featured on their website (the ingredients you will likely find at their place!)
  • The orchard is operated on what was called 'Turkey Hill', where fruit trees were first planted in 1890. 
  • Open all-year round, even during the winter-time. Many festivals take place, such as the Strawberry Festival.
The Eckerts' sign, taken on Thanksgiving Day 2014

Frontal view of their store, with the cake in front

The parking lot and behind it, the orchards

The cake, which mostly focuses on pumpkins:

NOW: The cake is still sitting there as of 7/16/2015.

Eckert's on FB
Official website

951 South Greenmount, BELLEVILLE, IL, 62220
Cake artist: Mary Hessler  (also did the Ted Drewes cake)

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