Thursday, June 26, 2014

#76: Frank Lloyd Wright House

Of all the cakes put out, this one, in my mind, takes the cake (pun intended) for being the one put in the strangest place. I'm not talking about the actual location, but this cake (when I visited it) was just randomly on the side of the road. If you ever drive on Ballas Road, you'll know what I'm talking about. The actual house is on a small road that spins off of Ballas. Once you see the sign, you know you're there.

The stl250 website lists the location as 'the Frank Lloyd Wright House', but what they leave out is: 1) it is part of Ebsworth Park, and 2) it is also named 'the Kraus House'. The house was originally built for Mr. and Mrs. Russell Glaus in the 1950s. The house was never completed, even though the couple lived in it for 40 years. Russell sold the house in 2001, to a non-profit group to help preserve the house. Today it is open for tours. 

And about Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959): He was a famous architect. Actually, famous is an understatement. He was 'world-renowned', putting him up there with Stafford White. (In the early 20th century, architects and designers were 'celebrities' in that time before movie and music stars) His works include Fallingwater and Taliesin. In 2001, Wright was recognized as 'the greatest architect of all-time' by the American Institute of Architects.

NOTE: This cake was reportedly stolen in early November 2014, while there was construction at Ballas Road. It was placed back the next day, partly damaged. It is not known who took the cake.

Wikipedia link
Ebsworth Park Official website

120 N. Ballas Road, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63122  (it is actually located close to Kirkwood)
Cake artist: Chris Rice

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