Saturday, June 28, 2014

#141: Luvy Duvy's Cafe/Benton Park


For a while I was questioning why would a place like this get a cake. After all, there are several restaurants and cafes that stand out. Surely Luvy Duvy's has SOMETHING to offer, right? Well, I came to the conclusion that because this has become a fixture of the Benton Park neighborhood, plus this was probably the sole cake that pays tribute to that. That's just what I came up with anyway.

I didn't go in here to eat since I had already eaten at the Anheuser-Busch beer garden/restaurant that day, but I did check out the outside of the place, like the patio. Plus I checked their website. Turns out they are open only during mornings through mid-afternoon (kinda like the Blue Owl). The only day it is open past 4pm is Friday when they close at 9. But what makes the restaurant of course is the food. They do seem to have a satisfactory full menu, as well as a drink menu. And it looks like, judging by their website, they really do care about their customers and regulars. If you buy a shirt and take it on vacation with you, they'll post a picture of you on their website! (But you gotta be wearing it...)

The cake, which spotlights the Benton Park area:

Right side of the cake
UPDATE (8/24/2016): On March 7, 2015, it was announced on Luvy Duvy's Facebook page that they would close their doors, which they eventually did on 3/29. It is now Lilly's Music and Social House. The cake is still sitting outside the building.

Luvy Duvy's Cafe on FB
Official website

2321 Arsenal Ave., ST. LOUIS, MO, 63118
Cake artist: Phil Jarvis  (he also decorated the Lemp Mansion cake)

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