Monday, June 23, 2014

#12: Jersey County Courthouse

The sole cake that represents good ol' Jersey County. I once paid a speeding ticket here about 13 years ago. Guess where I got pulled over? See the answer 3 cakes ahead. This was the first in a long journey in the northern Metro East area, as I tried to get all of them. I didn't realize it only took me 45-50 minutes to get from Edwardsville to Jerseyville. That's so unheard of until now. Apparently they widened Hwy. 67 for a great length up until 5 miles into the town. It seems longer than a year and a half that they finally opened the last part of IL-255 which went from Fosterburg Road to highways 111 & 267. Then it would change into finally US Hwy. 67.

I hadn't been in Jerseyville for years. I knew a lot of people from the radio program who attended Jerseyville High School, which served all the small communities in addition to its own. It's pretty much a middle-of-nowhere town which happens to be the county's seat and largest 'city'. And it's got all the right fast-food places and services, as well as guessed it...a Super Wal-Mart.

Wikipedia link
Jerseyville, IL Wikipedia link
Office of the Circuit Clerk

201 W. Pearl St., JERSEYVILLE, IL, 62052
Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins

UPDATE (9/4/2016): The cake is now on private property.

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