Monday, June 23, 2014

#13: Calhoun County Community Foundation

The northernmost cake in the 'Cakeway to the West' lies in the sleepy Illinois River town of Hardin. It's probably known for its drawbridge, if anything. Hardin is one of the smallest populated county seats in Illinois (it actually wouldn't surprise me if it was THE smallest). Calhoun County itself claims to be 'the least crowded county' in Illinois. That could be true as well.

Despite of what it says in the title, Calhoun County Community Foundation, the cake is actually located at Horman Memorial Park, which faces the Illinois River.

The Joe Page Bridge, the only bridge linking to Calhoun County

And I figured since I drove that far, I might as well take a few pictures of the town:

Hardin, IL Wikipedia link
Calhoun County, IL Wikipedia link

100 Main Street, HARDIN, IL, 62047
Cake artist: Lindsay Harmon

UPDATE (9/4/2016): The cake is still in Hardin, but it is now placed outside the new Calhoun Historical Society building there (by a 4-way stop)

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