Monday, June 23, 2014

#3: Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe Company

  • Famous Footwear, founded in 1960 in Madison, WI, is a division of Brown Shoe Company.
  • Brown Shoe Co. was originally named Bryan, Brown & Company before being changed to Brown Shoe Company in 1893. 
  • Founded by George Warren Brown and Alvin Bryan
  • The company also distributes Dr. Scholl's products as well as celebrity lines for Fergie and Carlos Santana. 
  • Corporate headquarters located in Clayton.  

Back side of the cake (displayed at Corvid's Cafe)

Top of the cake (notice the Happy Birthday St. Louis)

The cake was sold in a private auction in May 2015 where the employees could bid on it first. A caker got this and now proudly displays it! (As of 5/27/2015 it is on display at Corvid's Cafe in South St. Louis).

Wikipedia link
Brown Shoe Company on Facebook
Official website

8300 Maryland Avenue, CLAYTON, MO, 63105
Cake artist: Jennifer Hayes  (she also decorated the Piasa Bird cake)

UPDATE (9/4/2016): The cake was auctioned to Famous Footwear employees in early 2015. The winner let us (the Cakelovers) display the cake at various places during 2015 and 2016. It is now on private property.

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