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#43: Blueberry Hill

  'I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill...'

Obviously named after the hit song, this pop-culture restaurant is noted for reviving the Delmar Loop section in St. Louis. It all started back in 1972, when Joe Edwards opened this place. 42 years later it continues to bring several great moments to diners and pop-culture and enthusiasts. Really, where do I start here? Okay, the food. The food is pretty decent. Even Chuck Berry raves about their famous hamburger. 
Speaking of Chuck Berry, it is also worth mentioning that he performs here every month (I believe, third Wednesday). He has been doing so since the mid-90s. This gives everyone (not just St. Louisans) a chance to see and hear the living rock legend. Just about everyone from The Beatles to the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones have covered Berry's work and cite him as an architect of rock and roll. Sometimes Berry will sign autographs after his shows. As of this writing, I have seen Chuck Berry live five times since 2009. Three of those times were at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room (which is named after Berry's famous duck walk). 

Chuck Berry performing in the Duck Room in Spring 2011
Chuck Berry performing again in the Duck Room in November 2013
And speaking of the Duck Room, Blueberry Hill also has specialty rooms for private parties as well. The Duck Room is located in the basement, where concerts are held. Anything that has to do with ducks is on the walls. Bands such as Camper Van Beethoven, Living Colour and the English Beat have performed there. Even 'the female Elvis Presley' Wanda Jackson has done a show there (she will be returning at the end of July 2014). The Elvis Room (name says it all) is usually used for private parties like reunions and such. The smaller Pac-Man and St. Louis rooms, too. 

The jukebox is also a favorite at Blueberry Hill. While the place runs a digital jukebox, vintage ones are also seen (but not used). Edwards once said in an interview (can't remember which publication) that John Goodman used to come up to Blueberry Hill with his friends from Affton and play the jukeboxes all the time during their youth years.

Chuck Berry concert poster advertising his May 14, 2014 show in one of BH's outside windows

Left side of the cake

Top of the cake (unfortunately there's graffiti on top of it)

Back side of the cake

Right side of the cake
 Let's not leave out the pop-culture memorablia. If you are a fan of, say, Family Guy, Simpsons, or Saturday Night Live, you will be delighted to see several pieces of memorabilia and collectibles on display. Magazine covers and concert posters also make Blueberry Hill unique. Pez dispenser collectors will be jealous. And of course, there is Joe Edwards' Wall of Fame where he has over a hundred, if not hundreds, of pictures with him and celebrities. You'll be amazed where that guy has been! He even inspired me to create my own. What's an autograph again?

A night-time look at Blueberry Hill from the top of a nearby parking garage

Me in front of the Blueberry Hill sign on October 26, 2006. The 'Go Cards' was for cheering on the Cardinals during their World Series run (which they eventually won)
And lastly, the accolades. Here is a list of bragging rights titles Blueberry Hill takes from Riverfront Times magazine:

Best Hamburger
Best Onion Rings
Best Place to take on a First Date
Best Business Lunch
Best Jukebox
Best Rock and Roll Club
Best Casual Lunch
Best Bar Games/Video Games
Best Decor
Best Place for a Private Party
Best Beer Selection

NOW: The cake is now in storage, according to a worker at Blueberry Hill. It is believed that Mr. Edwards definitely wanted to keep his cake! (and hopefully keep it on display somewhere)

Blueberry Hill on FB
Wikipedia link
Official website

6505 Delmar Blvd., UNIVERSITY CITY, MO, 63130
Cake artist: Indy Bowers  (also decorated the cake located in front of Channel 9)

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